Welcome to maxchristman.org. My name is Max, and I am a senior studying computer science and math at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I am currently working on deep learning and computer vision research with Professor Soumyadip Sengupta and writing an honors thesis in applied cryptography with Professor Saba Eskandarian. I plan on continuing deep learning research with Professor Sengupta in the fall of 2023 as I pursue a Master of Science in computer science.

On this website, I post technical tutorials and do rundowns of various projects which I have done. My other websites, maxchristman.com, mrlc.dev, and maxr.lc will have different content, but currently link back here.

This website was created with Hugo with the terminal theme. The source code for this and my other projects are licensed under the GPLv3 and available on my GitLab and my GitHub.